Many of you might hear the words, “Reliable Wi-Fi ecosystem” and undoubtedly think, “Does that even exist?” 

While the Internet has opened up opportunities to enhance business operations it’s also common to hear that Wi-Fi is easily interrupted, expensive, or lacks bandwidth. Employees have developed different behaviors and habits in using various brands and types of devices under different scenarios, which creates a diverse Wi-Fi ecosystem. PCA is here to talk about what a reliable Wi-Fi ecosystem looks like and how we can help you experience exactly that. 

Wireless Access Points (APs) act as a portal to connect your devices to a local area network. APs are used for extending the wireless coverage of an existing network and for increasing the number of users that can connect to it, making it a well-rounded solution. Along with having the right-sized AP, here are some other key factors to a reliable Wi-Fi network:

  • Budget Friendly: When compared to a wired network connection, APs offer significant advantages in terms of costs and labor. You can cut down the expenses in wiring and maintenance and gain access to more valuable features.
  • Ease of Use: You can carry out your regular work from anywhere you want, especially with mobile devices. An AP can make it so you don’t always have to sit right in front of your computer to get Wi-Fi access and get things done.
  • Enhancement of Security: By enhancing your wireless networks security, your business can protect network resources, keep operations humming, and improve your network monitoring ability as a whole. 
  • Quality of Coverage: Employees depend on Wi-Fi to perform their tasks and ensure the business stays productive. Therefore, quality Wi-Fi coverage can enhance both productivity and collaboration. It helps you stay connected.

Does your current Wi-Fi fit that criteria? If not, PCA can help assess your current network and recommend some steps to improve your experience. Thanks to our partnership with Commscope Ruckus, we can provide leading indoor and outdoor wireless AP’s to fit virtually any budget, performance requirement, or deployment scenario. Whether you’re challenged with high-client density or demanding end users, our solutions can provide secure and reliable access.

You can also watch this video from Victor Central School District in Rochester, who deployed Ruckus Wi-Fi  to better enhance student learning. We are proud to see solutions we believe in greatly impacting our WNY community! 

PCA Technology Group wants you to always stay connected and that’s why we want to paint you the picture of what a reliable WiFi ecosystem looks like. If you’re interested in learning more about WiFi enhancements, let us know!