Our blog is here to help guide you – and that starts with explaining who PCA is! Put simply, we are a true IT company. We are headquartered in Buffalo, New York serving customers throughout the western and upstate regions. We are a place where passion for technology is our way of life and it’s our core focus to guide companies to succeed with the right solutions. Implementing the right IT approach can transform your business  – and it’s more important than ever before.

Many businesses either have no IT staff or an internal staff with limited bandwidth, expertise or experience to manage systems and develop an overall technology strategy for business growth. That’s where you can leverage the PCA team.

Each member of our team has a stake in the success of your business. We are always listening. We understand solutions are not one-size-fits-all and you have unique needs that must be met. Here’s our core values and what we stand for:

  • Honesty & Integrity: We tell the truth, keep our word and commitments, and do the right thing.
  • Quality: We exceed customer expectations by providing timely, thorough, productive and friendly customer service.
  • Accountability: We take responsibility for our actions and inactions, regardless of the outcome.
  • Open Communication: We listen to others and proactively and consistently share thoughts, needs, and expectations.
  • Growth Mindset: We embrace improvement and learning through effort, effective strategies, and help from others.
  • Fun: We attract others by making it enjoyable to be around us.

As we approach the end of an unprecedented year, we want you to feel nothing but secure and have the peace of mind you deserve to have as you enter into the New Year. The security landscape continues to shift, but we offer leading services and solutions that can help protect you for the future. You can browse more in our brochure by clicking here.

We are thrilled to launch this blog and encourage you to stay tuned for technology tips, top trending IT news, community highlights, and how partnering with PCA can help you control costs and focus on running your business the right way. Please never hesitate to reach out to us for a totally free, no-obligation conversation.