Studies show that some element of human error continues to account for a large percent of reported breaches. While firewalls and other technologies can be the foundation of a cybersecurity program, they can’t protect everything.

The human firewall is the idea that people in your organization will follow best practices to prevent, as well as report, any data breaches or suspicious activity. This added layer of cybersecurity can be the difference maker in whether or not your organization experiences a downtime event. This is an element of your organization that should be supported and optimized as threats constantly evolve. PCA is here to provide extensive education, simulations, and training to workers.

Coming off a record breaking year of cyberattacks and already a continued uptick in volume and techniques of attacks, PCA is focused on ensuring that your organizations have the right technologies to meet these risks. We can help with:


  • Cyber Insurance Insight: Ensuring cyber readiness. Stay tuned for an upcoming webinar on this in March!
  • Cyber Response: What to do if you are compromised.
  • IT Policies: The right-sized guidance and compliance.
  • Cyber Alerts: Incoming news on current threats.

The human firewall should also alleviate effects of security talent shortages and include all members of the organization. Employees are an organization’s greatest asset and with the right training and guidance, they can be a strong part of a robust cybersecurity portfolio. As you continue to adapt to stay secure, we can help the focus be on turning the corner and empowering your success! Contact us to learn more.