Technology is evolving at a pace so rapid that it’s enabling faster change and new processes in businesses of all sizes. It’s not only the technology itself that is evolving, but it’s the daily operations and needs that come with your daily job. What does this mean for you? It means you have the opportunity to lean on an IT expert like PCA to help guide you through the transformation. If a trend or solution is in your best practice, we can make it happen. If a more measured approach makes more sense for your business, we can help with that too. It’s all about finding the right-sized fit for your current situation. Here are some leading technology trends paired with solutions that we see truly improving the way of life.

Microsoft 365 and G-Suite have become crucial collaboration tools, but the issue is people believing their data in these tools does not have to be protected. Sadly, criminals will follow the data anywhere. Stay in-the-know on how your data is at risk, and more importantly, how to protect it. 

  • Artificial Intelligence  The AI market is said to grow to a $190 billion dollar industry by 2025. It already receives a lot of buzz, but it remains a new technology trend because of its recent notable effects on how we live and work. When it comes to solutions, AI is commonly used to support business continuity. Our CloudImage™ offering goes beyond traditional methods thanks to AI features that help with recovery, restoration, reporting, and much more. 
  • Remote Monitoring Management – As the world continues to get more remote capabilities it’s never been easier to outsource  IT needs, but still get crucial visibility into your software, hardware, and network. By utilizing an RMM software we make sure your security systems are running properly, day in and day out.
  • Cybersecurity  –  This might not seem like an emerging trend, but the threats that are constantly evolving make it a trend that’s not going anywhere, anytime soon. New technology is being adapted to enhance security, such as the leading solution called Datto SaaS Protection. This Cloud data backup solution is built exclusively to backup, recover, and provide the cyber resiliency you need.

Join PCA and Datto for just a 45 minute webinar to learn more about the importance of data backup and how it can be customized to your unique work environment. We take this solution a step further to build it for the needs of today’s worker and we want to give you full visibility into the features and how cost-effective it can be for your business.