Regular, ongoing cybersecurity trainings are often an overlooked component of an organization’s overall cybersecurity strategy. Your team plays a key role in defending your business, as they are often the last line of defense. In today’s dangerous cybersecurity climate, it’s important to ensure your team understands your unique cybersecurity risks and feels empowered to respond appropriately.

Consider these alarming statistics:

  • 88% of data breaches are caused by human error. (Stanford Research)
  • 80% of data breaches are linked to weak passwords. (Verizon)
  • Even after experiencing a data breach, only 53% of IT security professionals say their organizations changed how passwords or accounts were managed. (Yubico and Ponemon Institute)

Now is the time to empower your time with the right cybersecurity awareness training, and PCA is here to help. Not only do we conduct monthly cybersecurity trainings online, we also partner with the industry-leading security provider, Arctic Wolf. Together, we can provide the cybersecurity training your team needs to thrive and stay ahead of hackers. Continue reading to learn about the key components of our training and how it can benefit your business.

Awareness Trainings

Training starts with understanding your business, your team, and your unique threats. From there, training can be customized to be employee-centric, meeting your team’s skill levels and covering your cyber risks. With interactive micro-learning sections covering timely topics and threat vectors, your team will gain the knowledge they need to stay cyber smart and identify social engineering attacks before they occur.

Micro-learning is particularly beneficial when it comes to cybersecurity awareness training — check out Arctic Wolf’s white paper on the value of this learning style for more information. Learning content options can also be customized based on your industry, compliance standards, and roles. Compliance courses can include a variety of topics, including: PCI, HIPAA, Title IX, FERPA and more. Rest assured that PCA and Arctic Wolf will cover everything your team needs to be prepared.

Engaging Simulations

Another key component of our managed security awareness is interactive simulations and quiz sessions. Arctic Wolf’s robust training platform can conduct simulations based on current phishing threats to give your team real-world practice. During these quizzes, your team will benefit from built-in coaching advice and guidance. What’s more, all of these interactions will be tracked and reported to give you full-picture progress access. You can manage employee performance and track your overall cybersecurity “Culture Score” from one convenient place.

Reporting and Analytics

Reporting and analytics are important ways to measure your team’s progress. Arctic Wolf’s reporting features allow you to monitor key metrics such as employee participation, phishing simulation results, quiz scores, awareness program leaderboard results, and overall security culture progress. Another great feature allows your team members to report and remove suspicious emails with just one click. As a manager, you can see these reported emails to respond quickly and report anything that be may be malicious.


With PCA’s support and Arctic Wolf’s cybersecurity awareness training program, your business and your team will experience numerous benefits. The first starts with your team. With multi-layered managed security awareness training, your team will be able to recognize, respond, and minimize social engineering risks — which are all key ways to strengthen your human firewall. Your employees will also gain personal confidence to support their security awareness skills. These benefits will foster a culture of security awareness within your business. This takes time to build, but is a critical component of staying agile, competitive, and successful in today’s digital world.

Lastly, your business will benefit from Arctic Wolf’s Concierge Security Team, “who proactively monitors your organization’s progress, coaches you on educating your people, and helps your team become cyber resilient.” This team will help get you up and running with onboarding, implementation, and ongoing coaching. Plus, with PCA’s added security support and understanding of your core business needs, we will all ensure this training process is as smooth as possible.

Ready to Get Started?

Interested in taking your cybersecurity training to the next level? Contact PCA today! Not only will you take steps to end your cyber risk, you will also benefit from knowing your team is knowledgeable, secure, and proactively monitoring risks. Remember that securing your human firewall is just as important as securing your network firewall. Every piece of your cybersecurity strategy works together to secure and protect your business.