One of the most business-friendly innovations this past year has been the rapid growth of cloud applications like Microsoft 365 and G Suite. These Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) apps have fundamentally changed the way we do business.  While these apps offer many advantages one thing they can’t do is completely protect your business data from outside threats, such as cybercriminals. So why should you back up your data and how can you do it? PCA has the answer.

1) SaaS apps do NOT backup your data: Many people assume that moving to cloud-based applications means backup is no longer necessary. This is not the case! Microsoft and Google ensure they won’t lose your data, but they do not make any guarantees about restoring data if you lose it.

2) Cyberattacks are not slowing down: In January 2020, over 480,000 Microsoft accounts were compromised by spraying attacks. The attacker ran a common password against lists of thousands of accounts in hopes that some would have that common password.

3) Data breaches are hurting small businesses: Nearly 90% of SMB’s report potential ramifications of a cyber breach can be “huge and long-lasting” and 30% of them report major loss of clientele.

At PCA, we don’t want you to leave your data to chance, so how can we help? With Datto’s SaaS Protection we can offer comprehensive backup and recovery of critical cloud data that lives in your most commonly used applications. Learn how this solution works.

If you’re leveraging SaaS applications, make sure you are treating that data just as you do your on-premise data: by backing up with a reliable solution. With Datto’s SaaS Protection and our expert help, you can avoid downtime and keep your business more secure. Contact us today to learn more about how cloud back up can prevent a data disaster.