Ransomware volumes have hit record highs as 2021 wears on. It has emerged as a major national security issue and no business is too small to be at risk. According to the Harvard Business Review, the amount of ransom paid by victims has increased by more than 300%! It’s safe to say these are just unprecedented times in the world of cybersecurity.

Business owners around the world that have had to make a decision around a cyberattack say they never imagined they would be in a discussion on whether and how much ransom to pay to hackers who are holding their company hostage. Thankfully, we see what’s happening and there’s still time to protect yourself. With good preparation and cybersecurity hygiene, and a plan in place, your company will reduce it’s risk and be better prepared to deal with the unthinkable. 

Here are just a few ransomware attacks that have occurred in 2021:


  • Buffalo Public Schools: This attack shut down the entire school system, serving 34,000 students, canceling both remote and in-person learning for one week. Cyberattacks in schools are a prime target because they have data on students, parents, employees, visitors, and community members.
  • CNA Financial: This attack caused a network disruption for one of the largest insurance companies in the United States. The ransom was $40 million and the Chicago-based company was forced to pay the hackers.
  • New York Transit Agency: The computer systems of New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority was hacked, exposing vulnerabilities in a vast transportation network that carries millions of people every day.
  • Colonial Pipeline Company: One leaked password. That’s all it took for the largest petroleum pipeline in the country to be breached. It is now one of the largest ever cyberattacks on the American energy system.

One of the biggest cybersecurity risks in any organization is your people and their level of security awareness. Our Cybersecurity Awareness Trainings allow you to develop a security awareness program, educate your employees, refresh policies and remain compliant. We also have a Cybersecurity Self-Assessment you can utilize! 

PCA specializes in managing cybersecurity. Our “whatever it takes” approach can help identify the right technologies and roadmap you should have in place. Solutions like data backup and disaster recovery can be the key to keeping your business running when disaster strikes. Contact us if you’re interested in improving your security environment.