Did you know PCA has recently teamed with our friends at APA Solutions to produce the Cybersecurity & Brain Hacks Podcast? Podcasts have become incredibly popular over the past decade, with over 57% of adults in the United States listening to at least one by 2021. We all have our favorite types of podcasts – and this one is focused on all things security!

Listening to a cybersecurity focused podcast can be a great way to remain vigilant and stay educated. It can be a great resource for your entire team. There are currently 7 episodes of the podcast that can be found on our YouTube Channel, covering everything from Public Wi-Fi to Email Phishing to Social Media to Passwords.

We’ve also covered the topics of the Dark Web, Security Tips, and Security Assessments!

Cybersecurity threats are more prevalent than ever in 2022. According to Gartner, security and risk management leaders must be prepared to address new responses to sophisticated threats, the evolution and reframing of the security practice, and how to rethink technology. If you start listening to PCA and APA Solutions Cybersecurity & Brain Hacks Podcast, we think you’ll be setting a solid foundation of cybersecurity knowledge that will be beneficial for you going forward.

APA Solutions is the premier brain-based human capital consulting firm in Western New York, developing cutting-edge, science-based solutions to the people pains of today. With expanded services beyond the hiring realm and into the organizational development arena, APA Solutions helps clients build and maintain effective, cohesive teams by aligning their organizational goals with their brain-based human capital initiatives. PCA is proud to partner with them!

At PCA, our genuine approach to understand your business is what sets us apart from other IT companies. We listen to your needs, simplify the entire experience, and then leverage technology solutions for your operations. Are you looking for more resources when it comes to strengthening your cybersecurity posture?

Our Cybersecurity Solution Portfolio is a great resource to learn more about the layered set of easy-to-deploy threat protection tools and services we offer at PCA.S ecure, Protect, Train; three elements of a strong cybersecurity portfolio that help to quickly and easily close security gaps that leave your company vulnerable to a breach. Review the portfolio then take the first steps and contact us to start with an IT Risk Assessment for your company!

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