In a pre-pandemic world, technology impacted organizations in ways that may have gone unrecognized. Touchless office technologies, such as bathrooms with light-activated sinks and hand dryers for sustainability purposes, were once seen as office add-ons or luxuries. Today, items similar to these are mandatory to reduce employee contact and adhere to safety regulations. From implementing cleaning devices to tighter cybersecurity measures, there’s no doubt that technology will continue to influence how the office will operate in the reopening process and beyond.

We know many businesses have been busy getting ready to reopen their doors to employees and visitors while others have already made the transition but are still adapting to the new work environment. No matter your unique situation, having a technology expert by your side will make sure you have the right security, tools, and strategy in place.


Here are some items that we believe should be on your technology checklist as you aim to reopen or fully adjust your business:


  • Establish policies and adhere to new guidelines
  • Reassess all the technologies in the office.
  • Plan for the return of office equipment.
  • Repurpose assets that were used for remote work.
  • Perform assessments to identify security holes.

You can also sign up for our FREE Cybersecurity Awareness Training on June 24th at 11:00am (EST) to satisfy all your compliance requirements. This 1-hour session will educate attendees on the current threat environment and what you should be aware of as remote and in-person workplaces collide – something we all need to know how to navigate.

PCA can take your project to the finish line. We are equipped to guide you to success using technology and we do it in a timely, affordable manner. Think about how you’ll feel welcoming employees and visitors after you’ve put the right strategy into place. It’s time to see our local businesses grow and thrive again – and we want to help achieve that.