Cybersecurity Awareness Month is here! With cybersecurity awareness as one of our core focuses throughout 2022 and beyond, we are thrilled to be spotlighting this important topic. Cybersecurity attacks have drastically increased and become more sophisticated in recent years — in fact, Cybersecurity Ventures found that cyber attacks occur every 39 seconds. With experts warning businesses of all sizes about upticks in cybersecurity attack, now is the time to improve your security posture and protect your business.

Cybersecurity Awareness Month always centers around a theme. This year’s theme focuses on “Seeing Yourself in Cyber,” which centers around the role we all have to play in staying safe and secure online. Continue reading to learn more about PCA’s commitment to cybersecurity awareness, as well as a few of our top strategies to strengthen you and your team’s security posture this month.

PCA’s Commitment to Cybersecurity Awareness

Since 1989, we have been helping small to mid-sized business just like yours transform their businesses with the right managed IT services. We achieve this by truly listening to your needs, recommending the best solutions, implementing technology, and continually monitoring for improvements. Along with our commitment to excellent service, strengthening our client’s cybersecurity posture has been our core focus.

We ensure our customers have the right technology to meet today’s increasing cybersecurity risks such as:

  • Cyber insurance policies to cover and protect your assets.
  • Cyber response strategies to defend your business in the event of an attack.
  • Security guidance to support you with best practices as you build your own policies.
  • Cyber alerts to stay updated on ongoing threats.
  • User awareness to educate your team and strengthen your human firewall.

Above all, we educate our customers on the importance of implementing a multi-layered security strategy to protect all areas of their business.

Strategies to Improve Your Cybersecurity Awareness

Start With A Cybersecurity Self-Assessment

Assessing your current cybersecurity strategy and risks is the best way to start, and PCA makes it easy with a FREE cybersecurity self-assessment tool. The assessment follows a proven framework to assess all areas of your cybersecurity strategy. The assessment will:

  • Identify any of your current security weaknesses and risks.
  • Verify your existing security technology.
  • Help allocate internal security resources in a more efficient way.
  • Demonstrate care in your business.

Once you complete the assessment, you’ll have a clearer idea of how to prioritize and improve your security strategy.

Implement Protection Based on Your Risks

Once you have determined your organization’s unique cybersecurity risks, you can develop and implement the proper protection strategies. This can include a variety of strategies, such as:

  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to secure your accounts and block 99.9% of hackers.
  • Cloud security to defend your shareable assets.
  • Backup and business continuity solutions to protect your data and reduce downtime.
  • Encryption services to safeguard your information.
  • Firewall security to continuously monitor threats.

Host Ongoing Cybersecurity Trainings

Research continues to show that human error is one of the biggest threats to your organization’s cybersecurity strategy. Ensure your team is educated by hosting ongoing cybersecurity trainings. Not only will you mitigate any gaps in your security, you will also stay updated on the latest cybercriminal techniques, remain compliant, and have clear policies in place if a cybersecurity attack occurs.

Looking for help when it comes to developing your cybersecurity training program? PCA can help! We host virtual cybersecurity trainings so you can stay educated.

Discuss Cybersecurity With PCA

Interested in chatting more about improving your cybersecurity strategy? Reach out to PCA. We are not just an IT provider — we are a trusted advisor and partner committed to finding the best technology solutions for your business. From disaster recovery to cloud security, we offer a variety of robust security solutions. Some common benefits include:

  • 24/7/365 network protection
  • Proper protocols in place
  • Defense against hackers
  • Minimal chances for data breach
  • Peace of mind

Learn more about our services or schedule a call with us today. We look forward to working with you!