Business continuity refers to an organization’s ability to sustain essential functions during and after a disaster has occurred. It establishes risk management processes and procedures that aim to prevent disruptions to critical services and reestablish organizational functions as quickly and smoothly as possible. Do you have a plan like this in place?

PCA understands that an effective business continuity plan considers a variety of unpredictable events, such as cyberattacks, disease outbreaks, fires, natural disasters, and other external threats. The right approach should enable your organization to remain running, at least at a minimal level, during a crisis. An essential element in building the strategy is to make sure you understand, and consider, multiple factors that are integral to success. More often than not, this involves leveraging your entire ecosystem of technology from on-premise, connection to the cloud, and more! Small and medium-sized businesses must be sure that every aspect of their business is covered!

We help you focus on resiliency, recovery, and contingencies. This is where the Disaster Recovery element comes into play. You never know when you’ll experience an unexpected disruption to your network, servers, computers, or devices. We can help restore office productivity so that key business needs are met – and our team are experts in that.

In this unpredictable world, Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery (BCDR) plans have become a critical blueprint in dealing with any issues that may arise. Leaving this to chance is just as risky as leaving your security posture to chance. 

At PCA, we offer CloudImage to go beyond traditional backup and restoration procedures. It’s just a fact – you need more capabilities to stay fully protected these days – and we can do it within your budget. Have you ever asked yourself any of these questions?

  • What happens if the data is lost or is compromised?
  • What’s the impact to your business if you’re not operational?
  • How long can you go with downtime in your business?
  • What processes do you need in place to manage incidents?

PCA will help you find answers to all these questions and work through the pros and cons to help you make sound decisions.

When you become a PCA managed service client you get business continuity planning as part of the program. We make sure to implement the right technologies, provide ongoing support, and regular testing so you always know you’re safe.

What business wouldn’t want peace-of-mind in the event of a disaster? At PCA, we really got you covered. Many of your competitors are either considering BCDR or are already using these solutions to deliver more value to their customers. Before you jump in the deep end of the pool, let us help you understand what the lay of the land is. Simply contact us for a free, no-obligation conversation to assess any current plans in place and our genuine recommendations.