Are you interested in driving growth with customer experience automation? Do you want to capture unrealized revenue?

If so, there’s a software solution out there that may be right for you. ActiveCampaign gives you the email marketing, marketing automation, contact leading scoring, and CRM tools you need to create team alignment and boost productivity.

  • Reach: Use targeting to find the right prospects and grow your audience. Match your messages to who they are to capture their attention.
  • Nurture: Provide tailored guidance to grow your relationship with your audience. Help them learn what’s available to address their needs.
  • Convert: Provide individual audience members with well-timed calls to action to take the next step with you.
  • Grow: Delight each customer by knowing what they want and when. Making them so happy that they buy more and tell others why they did.

There are over 150,000 businesses using ActiveCampaign to win customers’ hearts and minds, even including us at PCA. We have implemented this tool for our marketing and sales efforts and are enjoying the features and seamless integrations. We’ve also learned that ActiveCampaign customers come in every shape and size – small, medium, and enterprise, in every industry, in 170 countries, deepening relationships with customers at every touch point.

It gives you the tools and department visibility you need to make more informed decisions when it comes to: Contact Scoring, Email Marketing, Custom Automations, Site Track, Sales Pipelines, Contact Management, and more!

You can keep existing customers happy, nurture new relationships, and grow your business with the power of a connected CRM back by customer experience automation. With 870+ integrations in their app marketplace, ActiveCampaign plays well with your favorite softwares too.

At PCA, we listen, we discover, we recommend, we implement, and we empower and continuously improve; it’s our proven proves, 5 steps for a 5-star client experience. We listen to your needs and simplify the entire experience when it comes to leveraging technology for your operations. By utilizing products like ActiveCampaign, we provide you with technology solutions that help grow and improve your business. Don’t wait to learn more about the marketing/sales enablement tool you’ve been looking for; contact us today for a free demo to see if it’s a right fit for you.