The importance of technology in education and the benefits it offers to both students and teachers has only increased since the onsite of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020. From increased collaboration and communication to personalized learning opportunities and the ability to teach from anywhere, technology is changing student learning.

With that in mind and the back-to-school season quickly approaching, we wanted to share five IT considerations:

  1. Microsoft 365 – PCA University

PCA has teamed with Microsoft to provide complimentary virtual workshops and online trainings. Start your free fall curriculum with us and create operational efficiencies by adding learning to your routine! There will be four trainings from now through December 7th with topics such as: Back To School With Microsoft Teams: Top 5 Features To Help You Collaborate, Callings & Meetings In Microsoft Teams: Stay Connected & Achieve More, Customize Microsoft Teams With Apps: Your Favorite Integrations, and Tips, Shortcuts & What’s New With Teams: Become A Power User!

  1. Mobile Device Integration

As with any organization, mobile devices can be of both benefit and detriments in an educational setting. By partnering with an MSP like PCA, we can help determine which mobile policies will work best for your school and how to best implement mobile device technology into your space. Utilizing SMART technologies, which have seen a boom over the last decade, is a great way to integrate mobile technology into your educational space.

  1. Hardware & Software Procurement

No organization can function properly without access to hardware and software solutions that will support their business processes. Even more importantly, you’ll need the expertise and knowledge base for how to properly deploy these solutions. As a member of the Trust X Alliance, we lean on our partnerships with leading vendors to sustain business growth and to provide you with technology solutions that are designed to drive your business!

  1. IT Support

Allow your on-campus IT department the freedom it needs to innovate by utilizing the IT support services of an MSP. Achieve your goals while providing your staff with additional skills to be even more successful. With PCA, you can also rely on help desk support, security monitoring, and ongoing maintenance services. We’re here to ensure minimal downtime.

  1. Unified Communications

Providing opportunities for educators and students to keep in touch is essential in 2022, facilitating learning both remotely and in the classroom. Integrating Microsoft 365 collaboration tools into the classroom experience should allow communication to flow seamlessly. Schools can now benefit from integrated voice, chat, and video conferencing tools as much as any other business. Or we can help make sure you’re getting the most out of your existing license.

Knowledge is indispensable and as education continues to change, schools need to change with it. With the right tools and partners, you can have the best of all worlds, and hopefully, the best school year ever.

The PCA team knows there’s a lot to look forward to this school year and we want you to know that we’re always here to do IT together! We put the power of listening to use to guide you to succeed with technology. Contact us today to learn more about back-to-school IT consideration and how we can help you prepare for another year!