Shadow IT refers to all the applications and other technology used by an organization without the explicit approval of the organization’s IT department. Simply put, organizations can’t build defenses around technology it doesn’t know is in use. According to Gartner, about 30 to 40% of the IT used in businesses today may be Shadow IT. 

Cisco goes on to note that Shadow IT includes all forms of IT-related activities and purchases such as cloud services, hardware, and off-the-shelf packaged software. Many organization’s are becoming aware of this and seeking advice from technology experts to enhance their security – and that’s where PCA can help.

Hackers love Shadow IT. It’s an opportunity for them to go after you’re most commonly used applications. To better understand, it helps to know what some of the most common types of Shadow IT are today and the associated risks.

Common types of Shadow IT in 2022 include communication systems such as chat applications, file sharing software like Google Drive, productivity tools, and third-party business software. The most prevalent risks include compliance issues, data loss, downtime, inconsistent data, system inefficiencies, and an expansion of unknown attack surfaces. All of which can introduced unprecedented risks, inefficiencies, and costs to your organization. 

If your IT department isn’t aware of an application, they can’t support it or ensure that it’s secure. To minimize risks moving forward, organizations need to educate end users and take preventative measures to monitor and manage unsanctioned applications. PCA can help analyze your current IT environment and identify any gaps or weaknesses.

Shadow IT can provide an organization with significant benefits, including saving time and money while enabling organizational flexibility. However, to secure the rewards of incorporating hybrid IT into your processes, careful controls need to be established to ensure sufficient network security and the overall effectiveness of the company’s IT.

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