It has become a fact of life: business growth is tied to technology. While your business doesn’t need to have the most advanced or expensive IT, the IT you do have must contribute to efficiency, productivity, and security, or you’ll fall behind. The most cost-effective way to achieve this is with a managed IT services provider (MSP)

In this blog post, we will explore how MSPs can supercharge your business growth by enhancing multiple aspects of your IT with cost-effective solutions.

What are MSPs?

MSPs are essentially IT departments you can outsource. They are companies that handle some or all of a business’s IT infrastructure and operations on an ongoing basis. This can include things such as network management, cybersecurity, software updates, and help desk support.

How MSPs improve growth

There are many ways by which MSPs can contribute to business growth, including:

Reduced costs and efficient budgeting

MSPs operate on a subscription-based model, so you pay a fixed monthly fee for comprehensive IT services instead of having to pay for an entire IT team’s salaries, benefits, training, and equipment. This predictable pricing structure both streamlines your budget and spreads your costs out by eliminating the need for high capital expenditures.

Enhanced security and breach prevention

Cybersecurity is a critical concern for businesses of all sizes, but more so for small and medium businesses (SMBs) that often have difficulty absorbing the costs of a devastating cyberattack the way larger enterprises can. However, MSPs offer a wide range of enterprise-grade cybersecurity solutions at small-business prices, including:

  • Proactive threat monitoring and management services 
  • Advanced security measures, including firewalls, antivirus software, intrusion detection systems, and encryption, to safeguard your data and IT infrastructure 
  • Regulatory compliance audits and detailed reports to prevent infraction penalties
  • Data backups and disaster recovery planning
  • Employee cybersecurity awareness training

By implementing multiple layers of cybersecurity to safeguard your company’s digital assets, an MSP can protect you from a potentially business-ending data breach.

Access to professional expertise and the latest technology

MSPs employ teams of IT professionals with expertise across various domains, including network management, cybersecurity, cloud computing, and software development. This gives your business access to specialized knowledge and experience that would be costly and difficult to acquire on your own. An MSP’s combined expertise will help contribute to your growth initiatives without incurring exorbitant consulting fees.

In addition to maintaining cutting-edge tools and infrastructure, MSPs also keep strong ties to leading software vendors. By partnering with these merchants, MSPs can offer their clients the best software on the market at volume prices with top-tier support. So instead of paying full retail price for productivity software like Microsoft 365 or email tools like Exchange, you can enjoy insider pricing along with the assistance of IT technicians trained directly by Microsoft to provide the best possible support.

Freedom to focus on core business activities

Managing IT operations can distract you from focusing on core business activities. By partnering with an MSP, you offload the burden of IT management to trained experts. They handle routine IT tasks, including system maintenance, updates, and troubleshooting, so you and your teams can put your full effort and attention on growth and innovation.

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